What is Face Aging MN?

Face Aging MN is a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the
issues that accompany the reality of a rapidly aging society. Our goal is to
create a conversation about aging that engages families, community
leaders, caregivers and legislators, a conversation that ultimately leads to a
smarter and better care model for older Minnesotans.
Medical Assistance (MA) is Minnesota’s Medicaid program. It is the largest of
Minnesota’s publicly funded health care programs. It provides health care coverage to
over 700,000 low-income Minnesotan’s each month. Three-fourths of those are
children and families, pregnant women and adults without children. The others are
people 65 or older and people who have disabilities.

Most enrollees get their health care through health plans. The rest get care on a fee-
for-service basis, with providers billing the state directly for services provided.

MA is funded with state and federal funds. The Minnesota Department of Human
Services oversees the program statewide. Eligibility is administered by county offices.
The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services oversees Medicaid nationally
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